Taxes and your homeschool expenses

Homeschool expenses are personal expenses and not tax deductions on the federal income tax return.


I am pretty new to homeschooling and tax returns. As a matter of fact I have never incorporated my homeschooling into my tax returns since starting homeschool in 2013. What I would be interested in is finding out what are my to-do’s and to-donts when it comes to my household’s tax return and our homeschooling. Please let me know if you can help educate myself and potentially others.


Well, your homeschooling expenses are not included on your federal tax return at all, so there is nothing to be concerned about.

Homeschooling expenses are personal expenses, like groceries or clothes, and are not tax deductible on the US federal income tax return.

You cannot deduct your groceries or your clothes on your tax return and you cannot deduct your homeschooling expenses on your federal income tax return.

A few states may allow a tax deduction, a tax credit or an educational saving account. I cover details in this podcast episode:

Any Tax Breaks for Homeschoolers? Dollars and Sense Show podcast Episode 11

Carol Topp, CPA



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