Teaching kids about money: Carol Topp on Homeschool Leadercast

Carol Topp discusses micro business for teens, teaching kids about money and running a homeschool group on the new Homeschool Leadercast: podcast.

I was a guest on a new podcast for homeschool families, Homeschool Leadercast

Listen here

On the 30 minute podcast host Jeremy Jensenovec and I talked about

  • What a micro business is.
  • How teens can start a micro business
  • Reasons a homeschool parent would want to encourage their children to start a micro business.
  • How a parent would encourage a teen in a business venture and what a parent’s role is.
  • Why it’s important to teach your kids about money.
  • How a parent can teach a child to be responsible with money even when they haven’t been themselves.
  • She’ll talk about the resources available on Microbusinessforteens.com and HomeschoolCPA.com

Here’s some show notes from the podcast.


HomeschoolLeadercast has a great lineup of speakers like Dr Jay Wile, Linda Hobar, Israel Wayne, teen author Rachel Coker and more.

I subscribed on iTunes. I also use Downcast on my smartphone to listen to podcasts while I talk a walk or do the dishes.



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  1. These are such great common-sense items that seem to get overlooked by so many today. Me and my siblings were so fortunate that our parents stressed the importance of saving, investing and just teaching us what money is really worth. Thanks so much for putting such a great post together…something that I will definitely be passing on!!

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