Use Quickbooks online for (almost) free

TechSoup arranges free QuickBooks online for nonprofit organizations

I encourage homeschool nonprofit organizations to use QuickBooks online and now qualified nonprofits can use QuickBooks online for (almost) FREE!

TechSoup, a charity that arranges free or discounted software for nonprofit organizations, offers

One year subscription to Quickbooks online

Do this NOW!

If your homeschool organization has more than $50,000 in revenues in a year I HIGHLY recommend you start using accounting software and Quickbooks online is an excellent choice.

Lots of homeschool parents are depending on you to run your organization successfully.

The advantages of using Quickbooks online are huge:

  • Multi-user so you don’t overburden one person with all the record keeping. Your bookkeeper or CPA can log in remotely with your permission.
  • Online backup so nothing is lost.
  • Email invoices so you can easily track who still owes you.
  • Create reports that show how much money has been spent.

There are a few conditions to TechSoup’s free program:

  • You need to be a qualified nonprofit organization, that means nonprofits with 501(c)(3) tax exempt status and the letter from the IRS to prove it.
  • You need to re-subscribe each year, but Techsoup’s renewal fee very reasonable, $75/year for most homeschool groups. Without this offer, Quickbooks Online costs $80/month!

Help is available

Are you afraid of accounting software? It can be complicated, but Tech soup offers some helpful videos.

Carol Topp, CPA