Accounting Software for Homeschool Groups

Does your homeschool group use software to manage it's finances?


Does your homeschool group use software to manage it’s finances?

It’s something you should consider. Carol Topp, the HomeschoolCPA, discusses when you should use software and offers  her opinion on software that’s best for homeschool groups.


In the podcast Carol mentioned:

QuickBooks Online. You may be eligible for a free version of QuickBooks Online. I wrote about it here: Use QuickBooks Online for free

Wave Accounting. I set up a small nonprofit on Wave recently. It’s working for them and it’s free!

Aplos Software which is popular with nonprofits and churches.

Ace Money Lite free personal finance software


Featured resource
Carol Topp, CPA has written a book just for homeschool treasurers:

Money Management in a Homeschool Organization

  • Does your homeschool group manage their money well?
  • Do you have a budget and know where the money is spent?
  • Do you know how to prevent fraud?

This 115 page book will help you to open a checking account, establish a budget, prevent mistakes and fraud, use software to keep the books, prepare a financial statement and hire workers. Sample forms and examples of financial statements in clear English are provided.


Carol Topp, CPA



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