Accounting software recommendations for homeschool groups

What are some accounting software recommendation for homeschool organizations?

I am thinking we will need to get QuickBooks to manage our finances.  Do we you recommend the nonprofit version?  I have not looked much into this yet.  Any input is greatly appreciated.

Nancy in CA



I don’t think you need the Nonprofit version of QuickBooks. Usually the Pro version is sufficient. The Nonprofit edition is helpful if you receive a grant and need to track grant expenses.

I usually recommend online accounting software instead of purchasing a desktop version. Online accounting means that several people can access your accounting records from their home computers. That’s very important. It also downloads your bank transactions automatically!

I recommend:

QuickBooks Online. You may be eligible for a free version of QuickBooks Online. I wrote about it here: Use QuickBooks Online for free

 Wave Accounting. I set up a small nonprofit on Wave recently. It’s working for them and it’s free!

Aplos Software which is popular with nonprofits and churches.


I discuss software options in a chapter in Money Management in a Homeschool Organization,
Cover Money Mgmt HS Org

Carol Topp, CPA



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  1. I actually had a similar question myself, so thank you for answering this. I’d been wondering what the differences between the two were. That Wave Accounting program seems interesting too.

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