Are homeschool groups supposed to file the IRS Form 990N?

The IRS would like all nonprofit including homeschool support groups to be filing the Form 990N postcard.
I recently visited your site and was a little confused by the chart comparison of a 501c3 and a 501c7. In my research with CPA’s in my area and with talking to the IRS, it appears that the filing requirements have changed. It appears that as of 2006, all organizations must file a 990N postcard including a 501c7. From talking to the IRS a 990N will not be accepted from any organization that has not filled out a 1024 or 1023. Let me know your thoughts on this. Thank you!
Nathalia B



Yes, the IRS does want all nonprofit organizations to file a 990N, but many organizations do not have to file the Form 1023/1024 if they have gross annual revenues under $5,000 (for a 501c3) or are a 501c7 Social Club who can “self declare” tax exempt status without filing a Form 1024.

To further confuse things, the IRS will not have an organization in their system until they file a Form 1023/1024.

An organization that is exempt from filing the Form 1023/1024 (for the two reasons listed above) can call the IRS and be added to the IRS database so they can file the 990N.

You can call the IRS Customer Account Services at 1-877-829-5500 and be added to their database so you can begin filing the Form 990Ns. It typically takes 6 weeks to be added to the IRS database.

Lately, I have helped several homeschool organizations that did not file their 990Ns and are now applying for tax exempt status. They now have to file corporate income tax returns for the years they were not filing the Form 990Ns! It is more paperwork and holding up their tax exempt status.

I hope that helps clarify things a bit!

Carol Topp,CPA

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