Starting a Nonprofit: Nonprofit Incorporation


Sometimes a homeschool group started as a for-profit business desires to convert to a nonprofit organization for its many benefits. Can that be done? How hard is it? How costly is it?

In Episode 168 Carol Topp, CPA explained the basics of forming a nonprofit board. In this second episode Carol discusses bylaws and nonprofit incorporation.

Show Notes

Your organization’s purpose will not be making a profit, but now will be educational and maybe religious.

The control shifts from the owner to a board. At least 3 members need to be on the organization’s board.

  • Officers are Chair, Vice, Secretary and Treasurer. Add more board members if needed.
  • Board members should be unrelated to each other (by family and by business relationships) and unrelated to any paid employees. So a board cannot be all the paid staff/teachers/tutors, but could be parents, community members, etc.

The Board has duties of care, loyalty, management (or obedience to law)

  • The board has authority and responsibility. No “rubber stamp” boards!
  • An officer of the Board signs all contracts, agreements, licenses, etc. not the Executive Director
  • The board has control, not the Exec Director. The board decides who to hire and fire, what purpose and activities are,

Conflict of Interest Policy. A paid staff member (Executive Director) can attend board meeting, but no vote because she has a conflict of interest. Sample Conflict of Interest Policy can be found at


In the podcast I mentioned that I created a webinar on Create a Nonprofit for Your Homeschool Community

This is good for both new nonprofits, or if you’re unsure if your group is a nonprofit (!) or for a business wanting to convert to a nonprofit.

The cost is only $10!

For more information visit




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