Finding a Local Homeschool Co-op

Finding a Local Homeschool Co-op


My home, Cincinnati, Ohio, has an abundance of homeschool co-ops and other opportunities for group learning.

Here’s an incomplete list of homeschool co-ops in the greater Cincinnati area.  Locations and meeting times may have changed. Please visit the website or e-mail for up to date information. E-mail me at with additions or corrections.

Greater Cincinnati Homeschool Co-ops List

Don’t live in near Cincinnati? Visit these sites for local homeschool group information

A to Z Home’s Cool
Go to your state page and put “co-op” in the browser search

Search by “Type” for “Co-op” or “Cooperative.” You can further
narrow the search by including your state and/or county.

It may take a bit of digging, emailing and persistance, but eventually you’ll find a group that may nmmet your needs!

Can’t find a co-op near you? Buy my book Homeschool Co-ops: How to Start Them, Run Them and Not Burn Out and start your own co-op!

Carol Topp

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  1. Thanks for some of the info on co-ops! We’ve been in and out of a few, and I was looking for some ideas for the latest one we’ve joined.



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