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I just found out about One-by-One (a book on motivating members in a homeschool group), it sounds like JUST what I need, I’m excited to order it. It’s the biggest struggle and frustration I have, trying to get people involved, committed and to follow-through! Really hoping the book can help me figure out how to get members out of the “give-me” mode!!! How do you ladies accomplish this?

Reply from : Jennifer C, a homeschool co-op leader
There will always be those who join and never show up to anything. There will also be a few who only want to take. I have found that most are willing to do something, they just aren’t sure what to do. A blanket “what can you offer us?” has not been effective for us.

I have learned that I have to pay attention to the gifts others naturally possess and work with them, be very specific when I do ask for help, and offer lots and lots of praise. Small steps. At our Spring semester sign-ups, I had everyone fill out a form asking “How can you help us?” followed by a list of areas where they could help with little boxes for them to check. That is how I got my planning committee for this coming semester. I was also able to see who is willing to teach now and who is considering teaching in the future.

If you are a very new group, it’s likely most want to just observe how things are run at first before they just jump in. That is probably the most common answer I have seen. That was very hard to deal with two years ago when things were running for the first time. We were all new to the process.

I often remind our co-op members of the definition of the word “co-op” and that what they get will be a result of the collective efforts of all. 🙂 Sorry I’m talking so much. I’m just really excited about what is happening in our group and I want to help others if I can.

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