Are You Helping or Hindering Parents to Homeschool?

Could your homeschool program actually be hindering the success of homeschool parents?

You lead a homeschool group to help parents successfully homeschool, right? But could your homeschool program actually be hindering their success as a homeschool parents?

In this episode of the HomeschoolCPA podcast, Carol Topp will share:

  • How homeschool groups take on responsibilities that belong to the parent
  • Do you assume your parent, especially new ones, don’t know how to homeschool? Some homeschool program undermine confidence of homeschool parents
  • Some homeschool programs foster dependence on their program to homeschool successfully
  • Is your group too controlling?
  • Are your parents dependent on your group or program to successfully homeschool?
  • How to identify if you are helping or hindering parents

Here’s a quote from the podcast:

 “If your group is taking over the education of the children then you are not helping that parent, especially that mom, to homeschool successfully. You are actually hindering her. You are making her dependent on your group.”

Instead you should empower her to homeschool her kids on her own

If one of your parents says, “I couldn’t have homeschooled without your group!” you should reflect on this question:

If my group closed tomorrow would our parents still continue to joyfully and confidentially continue to homeschool?

I hope so!

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