Homeschool Segue: Homeschool Event Management

HSsegue is as online homeschool support community serving home schoolers.

I learned of a new online tool to help find and organize homeschool events. Your homeschool group can have a private page to upload files, post events, hold discussions, etc:

Homeschool Event management (pronounced seg-way) is an interactive homeschool support community serving the interests of parents involved in home school education. The mission of HSsegue is to enable homeschoolers to contact homeschooling support communities and professional instructors in order to enhance our kids’ education.

HSsegue provides homeschool resources and classifieds to help you plan, organize, and administer your homeschool. Below, you can view a brief explanation of HSsegue’s sections:

Class Offerings

HSsegue’s enrichments provide an area of homeschool resources for families to get involved and learn together. Through our Co-Op and Tutored class postings, you can connect with groups of parents providing home school education and enhance the educational experience of your children.

Local Events

Share Happenings (local events) which may be of interest to other homeschoolers. Social activities, community events, homeschooling support groups’ special occasions are some of the posts in Happenings – HSsegue’s homeschool classifieds.


Learn more at

( The video explains the features for groups in the last few minutes)

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