Insurance provider works with homeschool groups

Insurance for homeschool groups

Angela, a homeschool leaders in Arkansas, shared some helpful information about insurance for homeschool groups.


As our group grew and I began to understand the potential liability we, especially our leadership, was taking on and heard of more and more groups being sued, our board of directors decided it was imperative that we be insured.
Our search for insurance was very long, and discouraging.  We solicited quotes from companies and were completely turned down, or quoted prices that would have ruined our budget.   Then we found AIM!

Unfortunately, AIM Insurance no longer covers homeschool organizations.


Some homeschool leaders in Indiana and Ohio found that Mennonite Mutual Insurance is covering homeschool organizations.

And NCG Homeschool Solutions offers insurance to homeschool groups ad Classical Conversations Communities


Carol Topp, CPA


  1. I called AIM today and an agent told me we can’t get insurace through them because we are not part of a school district.

  2. That’s hugely disappointing! Maybe you got a new sales rep who doesn’t understand homeschool organizations. Try again and ask to speak to a manager.

  3. I too just called AIM and Victor, the agent, said that they do not offer liability insurance for homeschool groups.

  4. Do you have any updated information re: agencies who offer insurance to homeschool groups? We have a large group (125-150 families) and our group only meets 22 Fridays/year for roughly 4 hrs. Our insurance estimates are >$1k annually.

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