Planning a Support Group Meeting

Over at The PioneerWoman, Heather L. Sanders shares a blog post with her 6 suggestions for someone planning a support group meeting, especially one that focuses on work and homeschooling.

Work and Homeschool? – Planning a Support Meeting

The following suggestions are intended as a “jump-off” point for anyone wanting to initiate their own meeting(s) to support and encourage home educators who work in or out of the home.

Suggestion #1: Consider Your Audience
When planning a support meeting to tackle the question of working from home and homeschooling, please remember that it isn’t just moms who homeschool their children. There are a growing number of dads who homeschool, as well as grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings and even friends.

Consider the varied nature of homeschool “teachers” and be sure not to alienate your actual “audience” when the invitation is put out for public consumption.

The rest of Heather’s suggestions include:

Suggestion #2: Market the Event

Suggestion #3: Ask For Volunteers

Suggestion #4: Balance the Information

Suggestion #5: Hold All Questions Until the End

Suggestion #6: Encourage Family Involvement


Hope over there to read the details:

Working and homeschooling at the same time is becoming a reality for more homeschool families. Perhaps your support group could really be an encouragement to your members with this topic.


Carol Topp, CPA

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