Unplug the Christmas machine


About 18 years ago, I read Unplug the Christmas Machine by Jo Robinson and Jean Staeheli.

It changed the way I see and celebrate Christmas.


I created a mini ebook to share what I learned about having a happier, debt free Christmas.

Carol Topp’s Plan for a Debt Free Christmas (click to download)

I include tips, a funny poem and a recipe that eliminates holiday baking.

  • Give yourself permission to break old habits and discover new traditions.
  • Eliminate or greatly reduce Christmas baking. This will save time, money and gym fees in January! I quit baking
    Christmas cookies several years ago. I now bake a less fattening Christmas bread from my grandmother’s native country of Finland called pulla (recipe in the ebook). I will bake cookies only if I know they will be given to someone else or taken to a party within one day of baking. I keep less than one dozen for my family.
  • Don’t kid yourself that homemade cards or gifts are less expensive. They cost in time, frustration, supplies, etc.

I hope you enjoy the mini ebook Carol Topp’s Plan For A Debt-Free Christmas.


Merry Christmas!

Carol Topp, CPA


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