Should your homeschool group be an LLC?

Should your homeschool group be an LLC? Limited liability status for homeschool organizations.

Limited Liability Company (or LLC) is a relatively new type of business structure. Several homeschool leaders have been asking if its something their homeschool group should consider.

In particular, many homeschool groups wonder if they should file for LLC status as part of becoming a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.

Caution:  I am not an attorney, nor am I offering legal advice.  I will relay what I have leaned about LLC’s filing for 501c3 tax exemption from the IRS, but I am not offering a legal opinion. I recommend that you seek legal counsel if you pursue either option.

Only recently has the IRS granted 501c3 tax exempt status to LLCs. LLCs are a relatively new business structure (only available in all 50 states in the mid 1980’s) and the IRS is slow to accept changes. In a document titled “Limited Liability Companies as Exempt Organizations-Update” (2001 Exempt Organization CPE Text. Available at ) the IRS outlined 12 conditions that an LLC must satisfy to qualify for exemption under IRC (Internal Revenue Code) 501c3.

These conditions are legally complex and I would strongly recommend that you seek experienced legal counsel before organizing a nonprofit LLC.

I read an article titled “Nonprofit LLCs: Time for a New Experiment” ( and the author, a nonprofit attorney, advises:

Until state legislatures address the unresolved issues, the actual use of the LLC form by nonprofit organizations should be undertaken only after careful review of current law in the applicable jurisdictions, and only with the assistance of qualified counsel with experience in drafting complex and detailed operating agreements and experience in the law of tax-exempt organizations.

Unfortunately, at the time of the article in 2002, only 11 organizations had obtained 501c3 status as LLCs, so experienced assistance may be difficult to find.

The reason that most businesses use the LLC structure is for limited liability. I organized my own sole proprietorship accounting practice as an LLC  because I wanted limited liability and protection of my personal assets. For a nonprofit organization, such as most homeschool groups, nonprofit corporation status in your state brings similar protections of limited liability. If your main reason for seeking LLC structure is for limited liability, nonprofit incorporation in your state is the easier option.

Carol Topp, CPA

I am not an attorney, nor am I offering legal advice. I recommend that you seek legal counsel if you have additional questions or pursue Limited Liability Company status.


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