Do CC Directors pay for their own children’s tuition?

Karen, a homeschool leader involved in Classical Conversions asked,

Do Classical Conversations (CC) Directors have to write a check (to themselves) for full tuition for each of their kids?

No. A CC Director does not have to pay her own business tuition for her own children. 

Here’s why:

CC Corporate wants a Director to pay their licensing fee based on student enrollment/tuition collected, so a CC Director should track the total tuition collected INCLUDING HER OWN CHILDREN. That way she is paying CC Corporate the correct amount.

But for tax purposes, a CC Director DOES NOT write her business a check for her own children’s tuition and does not include her child’s tuition in the income reported on her tax return (I’m assuming the Director is operating her business as a sole proprietorship and is not an employee of her own business).

The reason is that a person should not be taxed when they avoid paying for services by providing the services to themselves. It’s called imputed income. There was a court case in 1928 that ruled that the imputed income from produce grown and eaten by a farm owner is not taxable as income to the farmer.[9]

Conclusion: A Director must keep track of the tuition she would owe for her children so that she pays CC Corporate the correct licensing fees, but she does not need to write a tuition check to her business and she should not report her child’s tuition as taxable income on her business tax return.

Carol Topp, CPA

My book Taxes for Licensed Classical Conversations Directors is available through Classical Conversations. Find it  in the Directors Licensing Guide  page 54, Appendix M and click on “this document.”

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