Boards, Burnout and Bylaws: Leadership Tips from a Homeschool Leader


Ever wish you could just sit down with another homeschool leader who understands you and your issues?

In this short podcast episode (15 minutes)  Carol Topp, the HomeschoolCPA, interviews homeschool leader Angela Weaver. Angela runs a large group in Lynchburg, Virginia and she shares insight into many topics including boards, burn out and bylaws. It will feel like you’re listening to a good friend.

Angela had so much wisdom, that it takes 3 episodes! Here are the following episodes:

What’s the Best Size for a Homeschool Group Board?

How Can Your Homeschool Group Feel Like a Community?


Carol and Angela belong to the  I Am a Homeschool Group Leader Facebook Group. It is a closed group (meaning you have to request to join) of 500+ homeschool leaders from across the USA (and maybe the globe soon!). You can join us here:


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