Deliberately Mentoring Leaders: How Do You Do It?


One of the best things about being in a homeschool group is the community of support you can receive. But do you know how to build a sense of community?

In this short podcast episode (11 minutes)  Carol Topp, the HomeschoolCPA, interviews homeschool leader Sheri Payne from Virginia. Sheri is the Director of Leader Support for HEAV, the Home Education Association of Virginia. She shares advice on many topics including how she deliberately trained and mentored other leaders.

In this episode of the HomeschoolCPA podcast, Carol Topp and Sheri discuss:

  • Holding regular meetings of leaders
  • The importance of being constantly in communication
  • Asking hypothetical questions to train your replacement
  • Let your leaders make mistakes and learn from them (just like parenting!)

My favorite quote from Sheri in this episode is, “We were constantly in communication.”

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In the podcast, Carol mentioned the I Am a Homeschool Group Leader Facebook Group. It is a closed group (meaning you have to request to join) of 570 homeschool leaders from across the USA. You can join us here:


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