Give me your opinion!


I like it when people ask my opinion. How about you?
Well, I’m asking your opinion.

I’m forming an advisory team to offer me input on my products, services and website.

If you’ve bought one of my books, used my services, or visited my website, I’d like you to to consider joining my HomeschoolCPA Advisory Team.

It won’t be a big commitment. I know you’re busy. I value your time!

I launched a closed Facebook group where I’ll ask questions, offer surveys and gather your feedback. Additionally, I will send out surveys for those not on Facebook and hold an occasional conference call for you to chat with me about your suggestions.

Here are more details of what I’ve got planned.

If you’re interested in helping me you can:

Click here to submit your email.

Thanks for considering sharing your valuable input.

Carol Topp, CPA

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