How can a homeschool mom redeem BoxTops?

A homeschool parents asks how she can redeem her Box Tops.

I was wondering how I could redeem my boxtops,but I’m not in a homeschooling group, I’m just a homeschooler. How can I redeem them?


According to the BoxTops4Education Official Rules you must be a school or a recognized 501(c)(3) tax exempt homeschool association in order for Box Tops to redeem your box tops.

General Mills does not give check to individual families.

I recommend you give the box tops you have to a school or 501(c)(3) homeschool group.

Carol Topp, CPA


  1. I have been saving box tops for my childcare children to purchase new books and outdoor equipment. I have a tax id #. I’m I able to use them for my program?

  2. Box Tops requires all participating organizations to be a school or be a homeschool association with 501(c)(3) status from the IRS. Businesses like your childcare service is not eligible to participate in BoxTops. See their official rules here:

  3. LMGTFY (Let me google that for you)! The Box Tops rules found here, state that the program covers schools that “(ii) provide classes to a regularly enrolled body of students in one or more grades from kindergarten through eighth grade.”
    So high school programs are not eligible for the Box Tops program. Their program, their rules. Sorry.

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