Should You Pay Homeschool Teachers


Should your homeschool program pay teachers? Jamie Buckland, a homeschool leader from West Virginia started Appalachia Classical Academy and pays her teachers as employees. How and why would she do that? This podcast (19 minutes) will give you something to think about and consider for your homeschool program.

Jamie explains to host Carol Topp how she started her classical homeschool program including:

  • How she received advice from other homeschool leaders
  • Why her program charges tuition
  • Why she pays teachers as employees
  • The benefits of having employees
  • The difficulties of using volunteers

Carol and Jamie both belong to a Facebook group for homeschool leaders called I Am a Homeschool Group Leader Facebook Group. It is a closed group (meaning you have to request to join) of 600+ homeschool leaders from across the USA. You can join us here:


Jamie is the owner of Classical Program Consultant a consulting service for homeschool leaders interested in launching a classical homeschool program. Her website is

Are you interested in starting a homeschool program like Jamie described? Jamie and Carol teamed up to give a webinar on the ABCs of Starting an Academic Homeschool Program. You can benefit from their combined knowledge in this webinar (and several extra resources are included as well).


In the podcast Carol mentioned …

In the podcast Jamie mentioned paying teachers or tutors as employees. My book, Paying Workers in a Homeschool Organization has more information about paying Independent Contractors and employees.

Paying Workers in a Homeschool Organization

Are you paying workers in your homeschool organization?

  • Can a volunteer be paid?
  • Should a worker be treated as an employee or independent contractor?
  • Do you know the difference?

Homeschool leader and CPA, Carol Topp, has the answers to your questions in her book Paying Workers in a Homeschool Organization.

This 130 page book covers paying workers as employees or independent contractors. There are also chapters on paying volunteers and board members. It includes sample forms, tips and advice to help you pay workers in accordance with the IRS laws to help your organization pay their workers correctly. Written specifically for homeschool organizations.


Carol Topp, CPA



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